Winter in the Arctic (Exploratory Journey towards the Inner Self)

At the beginning of the great changing times, I spent the fall and winter of 2020/21 in the Arctic, far beyond the Arctic Circle.


Most of the time I lived alone in a wooden house by the sea and in a small log cabin by a lonely lake, embedded in an impressive highland. For seven weeks the sun did not come above the horizon and I learned to love the darkness. The stars were shining above my cabin: I watched Sirius, Orion, the Pleiades and Casiopeia and was enchanted when the northern lights were dancing across the firmament. There were times when they lit up the whole night sky. Sometimes the snow shimmered in a delicate green light, reflecting the cosmic traces of the aurora borealis. I experienced powerful magnetic storms from entering from the cosmos and had profound experiences of how they affected my body.

For three months the sun did not shine into the cabin. What a magical moment when the sun came over the mountain again: I opened the door of the hut, put my armchair in the door frame and the warm rays of the sun were shining in my face.

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