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Gregor Sieböck 

For many years I have walked thousands of kilometers around the world as the World Wanderer: I went west, followed the path of the jaguar in the spirit of the wisdom of the indigenous people of South America, and on this journey I gradually transformed my fears into trust; I went south, followed the path of the snake and faced change and constant transformation; I went north, followed the path of the hummingbird and in this experience learned courage and wisdom. Finally, I went east, followed the path of the eagle and integrated the knowledge I had gained on my journeys into my daily life!

I feel the connection with the Earth and realize that we are allowed to live on a magic planet, a true jewel in the universe.


In the long nights under the night sky I opened myself to the world of the stars and realized that our life and being is closely interwoven with the cosmos. My creative power is based on the conscious connection with the universal spirit.

I love silence and enjoy acting out of calmness and centeredness. At the same time, I am grateful for touching heart connections, because miracles arise from the bundled creative power.


From this vision to create connections, the association “Ways of Freedom” was born. Our possibilities are limitless!

Laura Hoppe 

Always having preferred the outdoors to the indoors, one day I gave up my dream job at Patagonia Sportswear and set off on a great journey. That was the beginning of my wandering and wondering years, full of small and large adventures - the real school of life. Meanwhile I try to shape every single day in the same way as my travels. That way I welcome magic into my day-to-day life and I feel love and gratitude especially in nature and in true heart to heart encounters. I am very happy to be part of the "Ways of freedom," sharing the deep knowledge that everything is possible!

Helmut Posch

With the experience of twenty five years in top management accompanied by many years of practise in shamanism and matured by many wonderful but also some very challenging experiences, I am firmly convinced that humanity needs true heart education. It is through living these heart qualities that we find our true identiy and thus true freedom. I am grateful and happy to be able to inspire people to live out of their heart space.  

Birgit Kaps

As an earthly and cosmic traveler I connect the cosmos, earth and people on a heart level.


I love nature and spending time at sacred places, through which I repeatedly experience the connection to my own nature and soul power. For years I have been accompanying people in their transformation and healing processes, in leading themselves and others through their inner and cosmic guidance. For me this is the leadership of the new earth.


Freedom is to become aware who I really am, why I am here and then to follow this WHY.

Gerald Gschanes 

Already in my early years I wanted to travel the world. I was allowed to marvel at numerous beautiful places, including New Zealand, USA, Canada and Europe.
Through lucky coincidences, I was soon able to turn my desire to make a living from my travel hobby into reality.
In the course of many years in the travel business, I discovered and sharpened my interest in economic, sports and nature-related topics. It is my passion to inspire people, to bring people together and all this on a responsible and stylish level.

Brigitta Harrach

My childhood wish was to help poor and sick children in faraway countries and now I am in charge of one children's project each in Nepal and in India. When I began to live from the heart with courage and self-love, I found my freedom and discovered my uniqueness. Today I live what inspires me and moves me in my heart. Mindfulness, grateful interaction and a deep connection with Mother Earth fill my existence. I live my life in trust in a higher power. It touches me to accompany people in finding and walking their way.

I am grateful to be able to participate in the "Ways of freedom" and look forward to many special moments together.

Markus Rudolf

I love travelling and being in nature. I was lucky to grow up in one of the most beautiful Alpine regions and in my teenage years I could fulfill a big dream: to become a professional pilot.

I have the desire to give my life a meaningful purpose, to rediscover the magic that is inherent in every beginning and to all life on this planet. Now is the time for change, to take off on the ways of freedom with courage of heart, mindfulness and empathy.

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