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"Freedom is possible if you have the courage to live in absolute self-responsibility."


During our get-together, we cultivate interpersonal exchanges.

  • What is freedom?
  • How can we live in freedom in these times?
  • How can we accompany each other on this path to freedom and joy?

In this project we ask ourselves these questions and strengthen each other to achieve individual clarity.


The path of the new earth has begun. Every day we feel a greater dynamic. More and more we live the life we have always dreamed of and an inner smile carries us through life. We are now living the golden, magical times and are ready to accept the happiness that comes our way, in lightness, joy and confidence.


We recognize our greatness and act out of our inner, divine power. Miracles happen, every moment anew!

Tea ceremonies and gatherings by the campfire

"Silence, being and meeting."


  • We meet in magical places around the campfire, tell stories, get inspired and inspire.
  • We practice fire ceremonies and then spend the night in nature.

In the morning we meet again for a coffee, mate tea or green tea ceremony and are surprised by the magic that arises.

The journey to nowhere

"When less is more, nothing is everything.“


We spend several days and nights together in nature. The path is created while walking. We find our overnight places as we move on at our journey. There are comfortable journeys to nowhere when we linger in enchanting places and enjoy being outside in nature. And then there are trips where we walk longer distances and are surprised where our feet take us.

We swim in wild rivers and lakes, enjoy a gourmet outdoor wilderness cuisine, share inspiring conversations and spend the night in magical places.


The duration of the trips varies: Sometimes they are a weekend get-together and then we are on the road for several days or even weeks. The journeys to nowhere take place all over the world: on the Altiplano of Ecuador and Peru, in magical Patagonia, in the mountains and valleys of the Alps, in the wilderness of Eastern Europe and Scandinavia, in the vastness of Central Asia, in the Karakoram and the Himalayas, to the Zen monasteries of Japan and also in the wilderness of Aotearoa....and who knows where else our feet will take us in the years to come?


We are not only traveling on foot, but also by horse, with the packrafts hitch-hiking, by bus, sailing ship and plane, or even with the magic red carpet and sooner or later probably with spaceships. The limits but also the wideness are in our minds!


We spend the nights outdoors and also at many magic places all over the world: cozy huts, beautiful hotels and lodges. Ways of Freedom opens the space for encounters so that the magic can blossom. In the spirit of Antonio Machado's saying, "Wanderer there is no path, the path is made while walking." Thereby we are arriving in the moment and recognize what may unfold from it.

Supporting transformation processes

„Feel and follow the call.“


  • We accompany and support individual journeys through times of profound change from within and without. This is about recognizing, experiencing and learning to love the interconnectedness with the earth and the cosmos.
  • We learn to take responsibility for our being on this planet. What does it mean to live in harmony with the cosmos and the laws of the universe? Self-love is the key to this.
  • We learn to nourish ourselves and spend time in nature.

This personal journey goes hand in hand with creating and holding a field of change and healing. 



In spring 2022, the association "Ways of Freedom." will organize a big hike across Austria.


We will walk through Austria from March 21 to April 29. Start is on March 21st at 8:00 in front of the town hall in Gumpoldskirchen (Lower Austria) and on this day we will walk to the Vienna Prater. On March 22nd we start again at 8:00 in front of the Biorestaurant Luftburg and hike to the Adamah Biohof in Glintzendorf. From there we will continue in several stages to the Nikolaihof in Mautern an der Donau where we will arrive on March 27.


It is possible to simply accompany us for a few hours or even several days.


Ways of Freedom is organizing this hike through Austria in cooperation with the Alliance "Living Together Consciously " and all further information about the hike can be found on the website: menschlichkeit.jetzt. From Saturday 26th of March onwards we will publish every Saturday by 20:00 the program for the following week.


For further information in English please contact us at: together@ways-of-freedom.org



Ways of Freedom is cooperating with the following associations:

  • W³ Wide – World – Wilderness, an association for life in symbiosis: protects and preserves wilderness areas worldwide for the benefit and love of the earth and humanity, in harmony with the cosmos. It creates places of healing and encounter for the promotion of a harmonious way of life as well as an active cultural exchange. The first project of W³ was initiated in Patagonia.
    Website (in English): www.3xw.global
  • Living Together Consciously – creating an economy in the spirit of the new earth:
    The Alliance Living Together Consciously is building a great network for an economy in the spirit of the new earth, acting out of joy, lightness and trust. In doing so, the path emerges while walking and out of the intelligence and wisdom of each moment.
    Website (only in German): menschlichkeit.jetzt
  • Academay for SOUL-Leadership & Consciousness: The SOUL-Leadership Academy is encouraging us to live and do business out of the heart. The key components for a happy, successful, meaningful life, for a life in self-responsibility and self-leadership are to truly perceive our feelings and to live in a heartfelt way.
    Website (only in German): soul-leadership.at
  • The companions:  open a large network of inspiring associations and support people in creating an association in the spirit of the new earth.
    Website (only in German): www.die-gefaehrten.at
  • NaheLe: At the end of a small valley in Styria in Austria, surrounded by forests and meadows, you can find an old-established farmhouse. Nahele shares this beautiful  place in nature with people who want to enjoy the tranquility, experience the power and beauty of nature and gain knowledge for a simple, self-sufficient and sustainable life.
    Website (only in German): www.nahele.at
  • Quevida: The association promotes, preserves and passes on knowledge and information about a joyful, life-affirming, nature-loving and peaceful coexistence.
    Website (only in German): www.vereinqevida.com 

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