Journey to nowhere across the Alps

It turned out to be a magic journey to nowhere. We had no fixed goal that´s why our path opened up as we moved on.


We met at Michael’s hut in the Austrian mountains. In the evening we sat around the campfire. Michael had collected wonderful porcini mushrooms in the forest and so we enjoyed a feast while sharing stories. The stars were shining in the sky and we were looking forward to being on the way. We walking, finding a place in the woods each evening to spend the night and then moving on again.


It became a magical journey to nowhere: after all, we were on the road for several days. We let the path emerge as we traveled on. Delicious blueberries and raspberries grew along the way, Michael picked porcini mushrooms for our dinner, and we found magical places to put our hammocks up among the trees. With each day of the trip, the joy and ease grew.


We gained confidence that the path would not only evolve on our journey but also in our lives. Without having to know everything beforehand, we entered the flow of life and were rewarded more richly than we could have ever dreamed of! Thank you Michael, George and Sabrina for this wonderful time in the mountains. Even months later I feel an inner smile when I think back!

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